The overarching goal of these Spray underwater glider missions was to observe the wake caused by the North Equatorial Current flowing westward past the northern tip of Palau. A specific accomplishment was to quantify the vorticity in wake eddies.

FEB 2014 - JAN 2018

Temperature, Salinity, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Doppler Velocity, Acoustic Backscatter, Depth-Averaged Velocity

  • Region: Western North Pacific
  • PI: Daniel Rudnick
  • Funded by: Office of Naval Research

Project Dataset Files

Cleaned, post-processed and vertically binned to meet user needs

Access Options

Data are available in CF compliant NetCDF files and are also available via our ERDDAP server which offers additional file types, data subsetting, visualization options and more.


FEB 2014 - JAN 2018

Project Dataset Processing

  • Averaged to 10-m vertical bins
  • Bins improve ease of use
  • Bins allow for easy integration of ADCP acoustic backscatter and velocity data
  • Filtered using QC flags
  • Only high-quality data are represented in each bin

How to Cite

When using this dataset, please cite the data as:

Rudnick, D. (2020). Glider observations of circulation near abrupt topography [Data set]. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Instrument Development Group. doi: 10.21238/S8SPRAY8135


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