Mid-Atlantic Bight SWOT

The MAB-SWOT project was a part of the ‘Adopt-A-Crossover’ Consortium (swot-adac.org) that sought to capitalize on the rapid-repeat calibration/validation (CalVal) phase of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite mission. MAB-SWOT focused on the SWOT crossover offshore of the East Coast of the US. In addition to Spray gliders, the MAB-SWOT array included CPIESs, HF radars, and moored sensors. Gliders were primarily tasked with station keeping in coordination with the array of CPIES.

MAR - JUL 2023

Temperature, Salinity, Chlorophyll, Currents, Acoustic Backscatter

  • Region: Cape Hatteras
  • PI(s): Robert E. Todd
  • Funded by: NASA

Science Quality Binned Project Data

Cleaned, post-processed and vertically binned to meet user needs

Access Options

Data are available in CF compliant NetCDF files and are also available via our ERDDAP server which offers additional file types, data subsetting, visualization options and more.


MAR 2023 - JUL 2023

Project Dataset Processing

  • Averaged to 10-m vertical bins
  • Vertical binning improves ease of use
  • The 10-m bins allow for easy integration of ADCP acoustic backscatter and velocity data
  • Filtered using QC flags
  • Only high-quality data are represented in each bin

How to Cite

When using this dataset, please cite the data as:

Todd, R. E. (2024). Spray glider observations in support of MAB-SWOT. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Instrument Development Group. [Dataset]. https://doi.org/10.21238/S8PP8C