Consortium on the Ocean's Role in Climate

CORC (Consortium on the Ocean's Role in Climate) has been making observations of the California Current systems with moorings since 2008. In support of these mooring deployments, gliders have been used that serve as data shuttles to communicate with the underwater mooring gear, as well as collect additional data near or between the moorings. These glider operations are done by PI U. Send, and are in addition to repeat glider sections by PI D. Rudnick in the same general area. Glider data reported here are temperature and salinity, as well as column-average currents based on lateral glider displacement between dives.


All the data for this project is available in CF compliant netCDF(s), thus ancillary metadata is embeded inside those.

When using this dataset, please cite: Send, U. (2018). Spray glider data in support of mooring observations from the CORC project in the California Current starting 2007 [Data set]. Instrument Development Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography. doi: 10.21238/S8SPRAY8857

We strongly recommend the netCDF listed above. If you prefer, alternative formats are available through our ERDDAP server.

Some basic plots of this project are available for preview.

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