Seasonal-to-Interannual Modulation of Fine-Scale Thermohaline Structure

The overarching goal of this project was sustained sampling of upper ocean hydrography to resolve the seasonal-to-interannual modulation of meso- and fine-scale thermohaline structure. To achieve this goal, Spray underwater gliders made repeated occupations of a 1300-km meridional section northward from Hawaii to 34.5N along 158W. The data set includes 1014 glider-days, covering 22566 km over ground, 22720 km through water, with 4641 dives.


All the data for this project is available in CF compliant netCDF(s), thus ancillary metadata is embeded inside those.

When using this dataset, please cite: doi:10.21238/S8SPRAY4863

We strongly recommend the netCDF listed above. If you prefer, alternative formats are available through our ERDDAP server.

Some basic plots of this project are available for preview.

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